Scotland is one of our preferred destinations. Our last visit to Scotland was already three years ago, therefore a road trip was overdue. We flew in to Glasgow from where we drove to Stirling, the Highlands, Speyside and the Isle of Mull. Start of the trip Unfortunately traveling by plane is not that comfortable anymoreContinue reading “Scotland”

London: not the highlights

We have lived a number of years in London and in these years we have visited the many touristic highlights of this incredible city. Recently we traveled to London by train from The Netherlands with the purpose to visit some spots which we did not got to know during earlier stays and some which weContinue reading “London: not the highlights”

Chile: Araucanía

Araucanía is Chile’s ninth region and in my view the most beautiful and most authentic part of Chile. Its capital is Temuco which is a medium sized city, some 650 km south of Santiago. Some 100 km west of Temuco you find the Pacific Ocean, a rough sea with very cold water, not really suitableContinue reading “Chile: Araucanía”

Fishing in Chilean Patagonia

Fishing in Patagonia has always been one of my dreams. I am not a great fisherman, not a specialist at all but I like a great adventure. This year I got the opportunity. We are staying for two months in Temuco with my wife’s family during which my friend Christian organised a fishing trip toContinue reading “Fishing in Chilean Patagonia”

Travel to Southern Chile in Covid times

In our home country the government had been very strict with Covid regulations over the past two years. Recently, however Covid was declared no longer a threat to national health so we regained our freedom, visit restaurants without restrictions, go to museums and concerts and do away with mouth masks. In other words, back toContinue reading “Travel to Southern Chile in Covid times”

New Orleans

New Orleans is probably one of the most visited cities in the US. It is well known for its French Quarter which for young people is equal to drinking and partying. For us the French Quarter is just a beautiful old neighbourhood where you can still feel the old French / Spanish / Creole historyContinue reading “New Orleans”

A few days in Chicago

From a weather point of view December is not the best time of the year for a visit but we have a daughter living in the city who we had not seen for a few months so we are trying to deal with the cold. The temperature is not that bad but the wind isContinue reading “A few days in Chicago”

Road Trip Through Portugal: (II) The South

We had stayed in a hotel in Lisboa’s Alfama neighborhood with its very small streets. I already worried that we had to drag our suitcases up the hill as the taxi would not be able to get to our hotel. Luckily that was not necessary and we got picked up at the front door ofContinue reading “Road Trip Through Portugal: (II) The South”

During -Covid19 Road trip to Venice

After having been 3 months in an “intelligent lockdown” (government language) we are finally going on the road again. It will be our first trip after the journey through Patagonia. We have our mouth masks packed and are even taking a thermometer with us. It will be interesting to see if and how Europe hasContinue reading “During -Covid19 Road trip to Venice”